100% handmade

All the elements are always of solid wood

We have many years of experience

Each product is different and has its own unique characteristic features

Individual approach to each order (not mass-produced)

The manufacturing process from beginning to end, is done in accordance with the nature


We know how important is the role of furniture in every home, so we make an effort for furniture of our production was both representational and functional. We present the elements of interior design, which combines modern design and traditional materials and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer in order to select the furniture that meets your expectations. All Handicraft products due to manual production and use of selected units have a massive appearance, solid structure and character shaped by nature.





Nowadays, in an era of progress and development most of the furniture is manufactured on a large scale, by which they are impermanent and devoid of individual character. Our studio is the exact opposite of the above, it is based on manual production of unique interior elements. We believe that in each of the furniture you can see some kind of feeling and individualism, which is why we are trying to extract the natural beauty of the wood, highlighting each ring, crack and rub. Carpenter workshop Handicraft, one of the few ensures that all products are distinguished by reliability and longevity using their impregnation completely natural and organic oils, waxes and varnishes.


Our idea is to work in harmony with nature. We make sure that all trees used for the production came from certified producers who implement prudent forest management in accordance with accepted standards.

With the acquisition of building materials from reliable sources, we know that in place of the felled trees will be planted new ones. For impregnation we use only natural protection substances, such as oils, varnishes or water, which do not show a negative impact on the environment.

For the sake of nature in our workshop we are taking action to protect the environment, such as segregation of waste, reduce energy consumption, the construction of water treatment plants, or feeding birds in winter. In this way we give the example of the local community, increasing their environmental awareness.

With every piece of furniture, you will receive a large seedling tree that you can plant anywhere.


One of the main discriminants of our brand is the ability to offer almost unlimited personalization of interior components. Our workshop is able to create the furniture of your dreams, according to the presented project, a vision or idea. For this purpose, we suggest using a form of valuation. Just choose the type of furniture, determine its dimensions, and then specify details of your interesting element of the interior. We are ready to meet your expectations.


We invite all interested in products made of solid wood, especially designers, architects and interior design studious. Our products, which are a combination of classic craftsmanship with modern solutions are ideal for furnishings not only houses, but also offices, or restaurants. We know how difficult it is to meet the growing expectations of our customers, so we have prepared an offer of unique furniture, unique and exceptional. We ensure that our furniture will satisfy even the most demanding person.

Below we present interior arrangements made by the designers with whom we work.